Tuesday, April 29, 2014


              After researching careers in the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources cluster, you should be making connections between those careers and your day to day life. How does each of the two careers you learned about relate to your life? How does each of those careers relate to our community? How do they relate to, fit in to, or affect our nation in general?
             First of all, the final career I chose was a Veterinarian, and the two Ag, Food, and Natural Resources careers I chose were Aqua cultural managers and Graphic designers. The aqua cultural managers relate to the veterinarian because they are both something that you have to put time, effort, and care. The second job, Graphic Designer relates to my chosen job in my community because you need someone to put time and effort into your dog, cat, or what ever animal you have; also put time and effort into your clothing if you go to a clothing store.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


                 This assignment was to take the final career that a student chose and basically compare it to on of the careers that they chose on the Business, Management, and Administration. The two careers seem to be completely opposite like nothing would ever compare to them, but they actually do! My final career was a Veterinarian and my (BMA) Business, Management, and Administration career was a Postal Service Mail Carrier. These jobs were similar in the fact that they both have to have dedication, commitment, and thought into what they are doing. If the two jobs that I described didn't have these characteristics the job wouldn't be personal, thoughtful, and caring. The person who is going to have this job needs to be caring and thoughtful at the most.    

Friday, April 4, 2014

Construction & Architecture

Students have just finished researching the Architecture and Construction career cluster. I'm curious to know how the two careers they looked at are similar and how they are different. I'm also interested to know if either of those two careers relate in any way to their chosen career. It should be interesting to read their posts! The two careers in Architecture and Construction are both similar in interests, being exposed to things the person usually isn't, and work styles. In the interests, the person has to be conventional, they have to be exposed, and in the work style they both have to be cooperative. Neither of these job careers really have anything to do with my job career, but they both do help people and things around them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


               Now that you have completed some research on your chosen career, how does it measure up to a career in Human Services? Please make a note of the two careers by name and write about what they have in common. Use your fact sheets to compare the two. After comparing the two careers, decide and write about what those similarities mean to you. Could you work in Human Services? Does it confirm your chosen career and academy or does it make you want to change it?

                 The final job that I chose from Career Cruising is to be Veterinarian. This measures up to Human Services because I would be treating an animal that needs care. This job relates to human services because it is taking care of something that needs to be done, but the person who needs something done is unable to do that task. A job that I chose was a nanny. This helps the parents with teaching discipline and how to act to their children's responses to everyday situations.  Another job that I chose was to be a Childcare Worker. This job is helping a child in any aspect that is needing attention. I could work in human services because I have the ability to help people and do it a timely manner. This does confirm that my chosen career and academy is the one I want.